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Introduction to our Business Services

MPRO specialise in offering businesses a unique opportunity to unlock revenue through a secure, efficient and environmentally safe process. Most businesses renew their mobile handsets every 18-24 months to keep up with changes in technology and to take advantage of saving time and money by being more productive and efficient from the benefits of upgrading their communications infrastructure. Most redundant handsets end up either being thrown out or just sit around in boxes clogging up a store cupboard. Many companies keep their handsets or have them destroyed in fear that important data held in the memory may end up getting into the wrong hands and cause a serious breach in security. MPRO take care of this by following some simple but stringent steps in wiping all data.

Secure Business Collection

MPRO offer a free, secure courier collection of 10 or more handsets from all businesses in the UK mainland. If you have less than 10 handsets we offer a Free Post address.

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Secure Data Wiping for Business

MPRO offer to wipe all data stored on the handset memory and memory card (Permanently).

Did you know that when you delete something from your mobile phone it is not always permanently removed from the memory and can be retrieved (with the right software)? This means your data may still be at risk. MPRO make sure that all data is wiped permanently by using some smart software that permanently deletes all data from any handset using the following operating systems, Windows Phone / Mobile, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Iphone and also SD Memory cards. This covers pretty much all Smartphone's, which are the types of handset that store valuable data such as, phone numbers, texts, emails, photos, documents etc.

Business Handset Unlocking

Some businesses may wish to keep their old handsets and re-use them when they renew their contract. If a change in network occurs (example; moving from Orange to Vodafone), there may be a need to unlock the old handsets so they can be used on the other network. MPRO offer to unlock pretty much every make and model of handset on the market and in most cases this can be done remotely by issuing a special "unlock code".

Business Handset Evaluation

All handsets have a value, whether working or not and MPRO will offer to collect them free of charge, process them and make a payment to the supplying business or to one of our chosen charities if requested. The value of a handset is determined by the make, model and condition. MPRO offer a "Working" and a "Non-Working" price upfront to make it easier to determine the value prior to collection. MPRO also provide a value for handsets that are beyond economical repair and can be broken down and salvaged for spare parts.

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Business Handset Repair

MPRO are dedicated to keeping your business handsets up and running and can offer to repair all makes and models of mobile phone and Smartphone's. We have a team of highly trained and dedicated technical engineers. Our workshop is equipped with all the industry standard tools and test equipment which allows us to carry out a high quality repair with high quality parts and offer a guarantee on our workmanship and on the parts we supply. MPRO are also an approved Samsung warranty repair agent.

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Business Fulfilment Services

  • MPRO offer a range of fulfilment services to businesses
  • Software & Firmware Upgrades - (Upgrade the handset software to latest version)
  • Refurbishment - (Fully refurbish handsets to a New or Grade-A standard)
  • Reprogramming - (Program Handsets with specific settings, shortcuts, Company Logos etc)
  • De-Branding - (Remove operator / network software and replace with generic Sim Free software)
  • Data Back-Up - (back-up data to disc, SD card or USB flash drive)

Business Upgrades & Renewals

If your business is due to upgrade or renew a mobile phone or landline contract we recommend using our B2B telecoms partner Comms Provider. They are a specialised broker of telecommunications offering an independent service with impartial advice. Comms Provider connect to all 5 UK mobile phone networks and are an O2 approved partner and can also offer business landlines and broadband services via the O2 network. Other services include free tariff analysis, account management & support, data services, telephone system installation & maintenance, car kit installation and a whole range of telecoms accessories.

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